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How did Scott-FM originate?
    It started out innocently enough... In the Summer of 1998, I gained access to a "rock" Database that contained a lot of Retro rock, which I like. After chiselling it down to the songs that I want to hear, where it later became simply, Scott-FM. A few years later, the database grew from just 200 songs to over 4,000. Being from radio, my music taste is somewhat "extreme", which is common with most people from the industry. My main, and original, goal was to have a station that played all, or most, of the music that I like, without commercials. Well, since my music taste is all over the place, I separated some music "formats" into its own separate date. For example, Friday Night 80's, Rhythm & Gold, and Classic Country. In 2000, we made Scott-FM into two formats, Rhythm & Gold and what's now called True Country. In 2005, Rhythm & Gold split off onto its own stream and now Scott-FM plays only True Country.

What, exactly, is Scott-FM?

    Scott-FM is part of the Buzznet Media Radio Network. Our sister station, Jack-FM, and Rhythm & Gold are also part of the Buzznet Media testing grounds. Buzznet Media is a radio consultancy, in which we test our various music formats that we offer to commercial broadcast radio stations. Before offering a final product, we test out ideas and tweaks before we know we have a proven hit. Scott-FM is testing grounds for True Country.

Why does the audio sound different than on my MP3's/CD's? What's Processing?

    Ever notice why the song you have on CD sounds different when it's played on the radio? The answer, Processing. Every radio station has several thousands of dollars worth of audio processing equipment. There's compression, gates, equalizing, separation, etc. Without getting too detailed, it's these things that make the song you hear on the radio, and here, sound "better". It's just a little bit more complex than your EQ on your stereo at home. It takes the audio that's there and stretches it, squeezes it, compresses it, and expands it to the point where it sounds more brighter, fuller, and crisper! It's a beautiful thing!

Where do you get all that music that you play?

    Several places... We do belong to several music services, but the most part are from various CD collections that employees at Buzznet Media own. Sometimes, other radio stations give us the song audio. On the rare occassion, if we cannot locate a CD copy, we'll scour the Internet and play an MP3. It's a temporary fix, until we actually get the CD.

What equipment do you use to make the broadcast possible?

  • Audio Processing Chain (in order):
    1. Master Control Digital Automation System
    2. An Alesis M-EQ230, 30-band Equalizer.
    3. Samson C-Com Optical Compressor
    4. MBL2, a Multi-band Limiter (
    5. Winamp SHOUTcast Encoder (LAME MP3 Codec)
  • Music Scheduling: Selector.

Why are there so many different station Jingles, but none say "Scott-FM"?

    Good question. I'm a jingle freak, plain and simple. I have a nice collection of radio station jingles and sweepers used from stations all across the US. I've taken them from Demo CDs, as well as obtaining them from the actual stations themselves. They're there so that a song's tempo can be properly separated, like a fast song going into a slow song, we play a "Fast-To-Slow" jingle, to help set the mood. The other reason that we play other stations' jingles is to help "showcase" our formats as to how they would sound on a commercial radio station.

Didn't you used to play CBS news at the top of each hour?

    Before we moved facilities, we got our CBS News feed from a local AM CBS affiliate. Because of the placement of our equipment at our new facility, we cannot receive a decent AM signal, that's problem one. Problem two, because of the architechure of Scott-FM system, we have no way to get a live news feed into the system, without tape delaying it. So, on days that we air True Country, we play back a tape-delayed news cast. The feed is played back around :57, instead of right at the top of the hour. Hey, it works!

Can I use StreamRipper to listen to Scott-FM?

    NO! Using Streamripper occupies two connections to our stream, taking up valuable bandwidth that could be used for another listener.  Frequently the Scott-FM server fills to capacity, and if you are listening with Winamp AND using Streamripper, that's two connections being occupied. Using Streamripper, even if it's only one connection to the server, will get your IP addressed BANNED! You can email me and ask to have your IP removed from the Ban list, if you promise not to use Streamripper again.

Why does the counter on the front page say "August, 2005"?

    We first launched the site ( on February 15, 2003. Prior to that, we were on a Tripod site. The counter got reset for whatever reason in August, 2005. So... there you go.

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